Handmade Ceramic cup-Pottery cup-handmade ceramic glass -Rustic Pottery cups- Textured Pottery Cup-Handmade Rustic Tumblers-Stoneware Cup

$ 22.00

These beautiful handmade cups are made out of stoneware. Each of them have a textured design engraved on it. There is only one cup per design. Each tumbler is 100% one of a kind.
Hand painted in Speckled Earth matte in the outside and a glossy Aztec, Antic, Sky, Deep Blue and Opaline glaze in the inside.


3" x 3"


- Flowers (Antic Blue)
- Gecko (Aztec Blue)
- Elephant (Sky Blue)
- Owl and Arrow (Deep Blue)
- Native American Hope symbol (Antic Blue)
- Cat (Aztec Blue)
- Elephants family (Sky Blue)
- Dragonfly (Opaline)